BIO FLUFF Mod. HTP (Portable) for Proffesionals

BIO FLUFF Mod. HTP (Portable) for Proffesionals

BIO FLUFF( HTP) is portable with wheels, that permit the therapist to do Colon Cleansing Therapy at the comfort of the home.

The speculum is attached to a transparent tube connected to the device for the channelling water input to the patient. The speculum is also connected to a corrugated tube which is directly connected to the device, to the evacuated drain. The therapist adjusts the amount and temperature of water for washing. Once the Colon Cleansing Therapy is introduced into the intestines at a controlled pressure, water is filtered to pleasant temperature. By means of the continuous change between the filling and emptying, intestines are first melted and subsequently stubborn faecal deposits are removed. The number of washings are closely related to the patient’s clinical requirements.

  • BIO FLUFF HTP is recommended during colonoscopy preparation and pre-operative bowel cleansing which will expedite the procedures.
  • BIO FLUFF HTP aids in treating constipation and hemorrhoids and can also help alleviate sysmptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which includes bloating,pain and constipation.
  • BIO FLUFF HTP is ideal for patients who are bed ridden for long, obese and paralysed patients, elderly with restricted mobility, critically ill and traumatic patients who needs complete colon cleansing.

Uses only Water.


Acts Only when required.


Takes Few minutes

Effective & Painless

Cleans all the Colon without pain.

The Bio Fluff mod. HTP is a fully hydraulic portable medical device where the filling and emptying cycles are controlled by a Klemmer clamp.

It is the only medical device of hydro colon therapy certified in CLASS II A, in compliance with the provisions of the EEC directives on medical devices and certified with the quality management system, compliant with the requirements of the standrad UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016.

  • Connects to any water tap.
  • Temperature safety with automatic thermostatic valve.
  • Pressure and water flow control.
  • Antibacterial sterlizing filter for water
  • Spiral pipes connecting tap/specula for a length up to 8 meters.
  • Anti-clogging system with automatic opening of the vent valve with external discharge to the circuit in a special container
  • Maximum pressure control system with automatic opening of the safety valve
  • The device is portable by means of a trolley suitcase designed to easily contain and transport the components necessary for therapy.
  • The device uses specula and disposable anchorage belt (to prevent specula leakage) with corrugated tube.
  • Flowmeter with a precise adjustment, which it enables to treat even the most sensitive colon.
  • Limiting the flow of irrigation with automatic block in case of fault
  • Thermostatic control with over block Temperature
  • The specula that is used is complete of Monoblok Valve to open and close the idraulic circuit and of corrugated tube for the evacuated drain in the container or in the WC
  • The specula is disposable and prepared of an estate throught of disposable safety belt
  • 1 X Compensator Tap Unit
  • 1 X Thermostatic Valve
  • 1 X Valvola Termostatica
  • 1 X Antibacterical Filte Unit
  • 1 X Regulator Unit (with double gauge,thermometer , fl owmeter and support)
  • 1 X Conteiner
  • 1 X Toiletries Bag for Device
  • 1 X Toiletries Bag for Table
  • 1 X Table for Regulator Unit
  • 5 X Disposable Specula HT
  • 5 X Disposable Belt
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