Idrovag Bio Fluff for Vaginal Irrigation

Idrovag Bio Fluff for Vaginal Irrigation

Therapy for recurrent infections in Uro-gynaecological disorders.

Vaginal cleansing can be associated deferred to hydrocolontherapy sessions, so as to act synergistically in the vaginal ecosystem restoration. In vaginal cleansing water is introduced into the vagina with controlled, variable and low pressure temperature by means of a small probe. The continuous circulation of the liquid in the inlet and outlet is able to irrigate within the vaginal walls thoroughly with its cleansing action to remove all abnormal residues.

The accessory IDROVAG BIO FLUFF is a certified equipment, class II A, manufactured in Italy, safe, easy to use and serves for vaginal irrigation.

Idrovag Bio Fluff is an accessory of BIO FLUFF medical device for Hydrocolontherapy.

Complete Therapy

It adds to the water a Disinfectant


Its like a massage


Takes Few minutes


It throughly removes any abnormal or inflammatory residue its cleaning action

The Idrovag Bio Fluff Professional is an accessory medical device that goes with the Bio Fluff Mod. HT and Bio Fluff Mod. HTP and serves for daily intimate hygiene

It is the only accessory medical device for vaginal flushing certified in CLASS II A, in compliance with the provisions of the EEC directives on medical devices and certified with the quality management system, compliant with the requirements of the standrad UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016.

  • Connects to Bio Fluff medical devices
  • Temperature safety with automatic thermostatic valve
  • Activated carbon filter to purify water
  • Pressure control system.
  • The uses single-use silicone specula with hood.
  • It connects to any bathroom faucet
  • Thermostatic control with over-temperature block
  • pressure control with automatic lockfilter inspectionable
  • Disposable Silicone Specula soft and flexible>
  • Handle
  • 1 X Transparent Tube rubber door
  • 5 X Silicone Specula
  • 1 X Coiled Tube
  • 1 X Regolator Unit
  • 1 X Filter
  • 1 X Thermostatic Valve
  • 1 X Compensator Tap Unit
  • 1 X Toiletries Bag
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